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Are life issues or

ADHD a problem

for you or your


Are any of these statements true for you or your adolescent?:

  • You know you are not living up to your potential
  • You’re in trouble at school or work because you can’t stay focused
  • You often make poor decisions that negatively affect your job, personal life
    or your business.

  • Your financial affairs are in turmoil - often lat paying bills even though you may have the money.
  • You procrastinate or can’t finish what you start. 
  • You are constantly forgetting or misplacing things; spending more time looking for them than using them.
  • You know ADHD or how you handle your life is causing a strain on your marriage but you don't know how to fix it.
  • You experience bouts of "flash" anger that damage your family or work relationships.
  • Your self-esteem is lacking and you don't have the confidence to face tough problems or follow through with your great plans.
  • Your mind goes 100 mph all the time like a race car but it feels like you have bicycle brakes. 
  • You can’t shut your mind off to sleep. 
  • You act before you think. 
  • You often interrupt in conversations. 
  • People are always telling you that you don’t listen. 
  • You lose your train of thought. 
  • You or your adolescent constantly fidget or can’t sit still. 
  • Your adolescent is capable but can’t remember assignments or
    to turn them in. 

  • You have to give your adolescent the same instructions over and over. 
  • You or your adolescent’s ADHD medication does not seem to be doing its job.

 It may look to other people that you
 are not trying at all, but you know    
 you are trying as hard as you can.

It can be difficult to admit these things, 
  but there is no shame in understanding 
   and accepting the ways that ADHD or life
issues are affecting you or your child.   

Are you interested in learning how you can gain that understanding and learn to live
     a better life?                                                                                                              

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